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  Our babies are hatching . . . 


We are a small family owned and operated, closed, indoor aviary in Brenham, Texas

(between Houston and Austin). Our flock is hand raised and hand fed, and socialized in a family atmosphere around children and other pets. We pride ourselves in raising healthy, sweet, well socialized babies. Hand feeding begins at 15-20 days old and continues until the babies are weaned to a good quality pellet seed, with fresh fruits, vegetables and sprouts.


We raise amd sell these types of birds:

  •  African Grey: Congo and Temneh
  •  Caique:  Black Headed and White Belly
  •  Double Amazon
  •  Goffin Cockatoo
  • Rose-Breasted Cockatoo

This business started as a hobby, raising birds and other animals. People have always said to do what you love . . . so we have.


Before purchasing any bird, please consider a few things. 





 Birds on a Perch Aviary

David & Debbie Thomas
Brenham, Texas

(979) 421-2750


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