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About Us


David and I have been animal lovers for years. I have had birds in my home since the kids were young. They're grown now and their own kids are growing up fast. The 5 grandbabies enjoy watching the bird babies grow, and they like teaching each one of them new things, as they grow. David and I have enjoyed watching all of them grow.


My son Kori laughs and calls our home “Mom’s zoo” and teases, “All your babies are spoiled rotten, Mom!” David is my “Mr-Fix-It.” He is a parts manager and small engine mechanic in a local business here in Brenham. He's a great bird box maker, cage builder and can provide almost all of my wants and needs for our babies.


I am an RN and have worked here in Brenham for years. I love to cook. (Check out our family's birdie recipes.)  


Birds, dogs, and fish are our babies now. Our flock has grown a lot! We pride ourselves on being able to offer hand-raised and hand-fed babies that are socialized in a family atmosphere around children and other pets. Our babies are use to the sounds and daily routines of an active home. All of our children and grandbabies have helped in naming their favorites of our babies.


Our aviary and home is in Brenham Texas, just half way between Houston and Austin. We are a closed indoor aviary. All our babies are raised with pride, love, and attention. Yes, they are spoiled rotten by time they come home with you.  No . . . they're just well adjusted and loved.








Birds on a Perch Aviary

David & Debbie Thomas
Brenham, Texas

(979) 421-2750