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Rose-Breasted Cockatoo


Rose-Breasted Cockatoo


Rose-breasted cockatoos, also known as Galah Parrots, are lovable, extremely affectionate, sensitive and playful. They are also very intelligent, and require at least several hours of attention on a daily basis to remain happy, well-socialized babies.


These birds enjoy their toys and are strong chewers. They need toys that are safe for them to chew and destroy. Rosies love cuddling, playing and dancing. They are wonderful pets and companions. 

Our baby birds are hand fed, hand raised and socialized from the age of 15-20 days. They are weaned to a good quality pellet and seed combination and fresh foods listed below.         


These babies are raised in a family atmosphere around our grandchildren

and our other pets.

Call us to see what babies we have available!

    1-979-421-2750     Debbie 1st
    1-979-251-0520     David  


Hopefully one of our winged little angels will be the newest addition to your family. Enjoy!  




















Lifespan:   up to 70 years 
Size:  12-15 inches 
Origins:  Australia 
Cage size: These are large birds that need room to play and move around. The bar spacing should be 1½- to 2½-inch with multiple perches of different textures and sizes, at different heights. Do not place perches over food and water bowls.
Toys: Rosies are intelligent, curious birds and need multiple toys that challenge and intrigue them. Foraging toys are good for treats and vitamins
Diet:  Good quality pellet and seed along with:
     Fresh fruits & vegetables   
     Fresh sprouts
     Brown rice
     Whole grain breads
     Unsweetened cereals
     Whole wheat pasta
     Bran muffins
     Birdie bread      
     Wheat germ
     Sweet potatoes

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