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Double Yellow-Headed Amazons


Double Yellow Headed Amazons are stocky, 14-18 inches, beautiful  yellow, green, blues and reds. DYHA are very feisty, intelligent, outgoing, sociable, lovable, very vocal and can sing beautifully, they can have very head strong personality. Kiwi is our “Drama Queen”.  Amazons need daily training, love and set limits to assist them in being well adjusted babies.  Before bring a baby Amazon home to be part of your family, David and I recommend that you do your homework. Amazons are a life time commitment, their life expectance of 50+ years.


Double Yellow Headed Amazons need a balanced low fat diet supplemented with fruits and vegetables that are high in beta carotenes (carrots and sweet potatoes). Amazons can be susceptible to vitamin a and calcium deficiencies. Their diets need to supplement these deficiencies daily.


Now that you have decided to have one of these babies become a part of your family, I have to say “Congratulations!”  You will get back love, affection, and hours of entertainment for a life time. Kiwi is always singing and talking, she’s our chatter box. Cricket is our little gentleman, quiet at times, but when he has something to say he will cut loose. Cricket is also our tattle-tale. If any of the other birds are doing something wrong, Cricket alarms by telling that they are a “Bad boy!” or "Bad girl!"   



Listen to Kiwi sing Old McDonald had a Farm:


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Lifespan:   50+ years 
Size:  14-16 inches 
Origins:  South & Central America 
Cage size: Double Yellow Headed Amazons are large birds and need room to play and move around. The bar spacing should be 1½- to 2½-inch with multiple perches of different textures and sizes, at different heights.  Do not place perches over food and water bowls.
Toys:  Double Yellow Headed Amazons are intelligent, curious birds and need multiple toys that challenge and intrigue them. Foraging toys are good for treats and vitamins
Diet:  Good quality pellet and seed along with:
     Fresh fruits & vegetables   
     Fresh sprouts
     Brown rice
     Whole grain breads
     Unsweetened cereals
     Whole wheat pasta
     Bran muffins
     Birdie bread      
     Wheat germ
     Sweet potatoes

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