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Before you buy . . .


Before purchasing any bird, David and I strongly suggest that you research and learn as much as you can about the type of bird you're considering. There are many wonderful books available by authors who have spent years raising the species of birds that they have written about.


Another thing to think about is where in your home will your new family member live. Many birds' life spans are very long. Many become like our children. (David and I refer to Rex and Reba, our 2 Goffin Cockatoos, as our 2 year olds with feathers.)  When thinking about a suitable place in your home for your new baby, look for a place away from windows, doors, and drafts. Kitchen are not the best place for birds either as fumes from Tefalon pans, self cleaning ovens, and smoke can be harmful—even fatal—to birds. Cleaners, deodorizers, candles and paints are also bad for birds, so keep these things in mind when picking a place for your new family member.


All birds need daily love and attention to be sweet well adjusted companions. Daily cleaning of food and water bowls, cages and perches are necessary to keep your bird healthy and clean. Your home clean also. Yes, birds are MESSY!  Our birds and other animals are a part of our daily life and we enjoy spending time with our babies. We hope you will feel the same about your feathered companions. 


We are always here to help and assist you in getting to know more about your newest family member. Any of our winged little angels will be a good companion for years to come. Enjoy! 





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